Sunday, 30 June 2013

In Eavis we trust

You have to hand it to the residents of Shangri-La, they've picked a good deity.

They've always had a bit of a theme up there, that they worship the short-wearing one - and it's plain to see that he's held in rather high regard by the revellers (although, not enough to adhere to his requests to 'love the farm, leave no trace' or not to bring gazebos along, but still.)

This year the recycling crews have been kitted out in 'Recycle for Michael' t-shirts, urging people to separate their waste and all that jazz.

I've spotted some rather cool flags, including one with a robed Michael Eavis painted in stained-glass style, the sun shining above him, the Tor to his back, his face serene and peaceful and his arms spread out to welcome us all to the green ( fields of Glastonbury Festival.

Written above him? 'Heaven on Earth', obviously.

It's hard to work out what Michael - a Methodist - makes of all this.

But you've got to admire some of the artwork.


Anonymous said...

Its fantastic