Sunday, 30 June 2013

OK, OK..

I'm sorry I called the phoenix a duck.

You can just about make out the bird on the ledge of the Pyramid, before it awoke. Also, a massive thank you to whoever bought the massive pair of lips again. Totally didn't obscure the view of the stage or anything.

This was probably the closest approximation of my view. At least I wasn't behind someone tall.

I love the phoenix. Really. Every time I'd wandered past the Pyramid over the last few days I've seen it resting on the little balcony thing on the stage and wondering what it was going to do and when.

And it was amazing.

The whole stage dimmed to red, ominous lighting, highlighting the phoenix, beneath it, the lights were red and looked like flames. Smoke poured out, the first few maraca shakes of Sympathy for the Devil hissed out, and slowly but surely, the bird lifted it's head, and the crowd went wild.

While we dutifully provided the 'woo-wooos', the bird eased itself into a standing position and stretched it's wings, and seemed to be regarding us balefully.

Then it regally belched streams of flame into the air and we all dutifully went 'ooooh!' like a bunch of fireworks had gone off, or we'd never seen fire before, and screamed our approval.

And it was dramatic, and amazing and awe-inspiring and amazing and also amazing, and everything that a mechanical phoenix coming into life while legends sang about the devil while on the world's most iconic stage should be.

The bird bobbed it's head, flapped it's wings and breathed fire for the duration of Sympathy before folding itself back up again and going back into retirement.

It was by far the most interesting thing I have ever seen the Pyramid do. More, plz.